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Realm of the Polar Bear - Arctic Journals

Day 1 & 2 Oslo Our extraordinary journey started with a flight from Edinburgh to Oslo, where we spent two days in sweltering 30C temperatures and, of course, we were dressed in our Arctic apparel! The Royal Palace, with its grand, yet unpretentious, architecture, situated at the head of Karl Johan’s Gata in the city centre was the first venue we visited. It was built in the early 19th century as the formal residence of the French-born King Charles III, who reigned as King of Norway and Sweden. A statue of him, commemorating the first King of an Independent Norway, dominates the impressive Palace Square. In a city where its architecture is very conservative, the new Opera House, overlooking

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly!

The Good….recently I shared a post with you, remember the ‘justice4ravens’ appeal? Back in April 2018, Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH) issued a controversial licence permitting gamekeepers to kill young ravens across a large area called Strathbraan, in Highland Perthshire. Much of this land is managed exclusively for grouse shooting and the area has been identified as a wildlife crime hotspot! Local/national birdwatchers, who have been monitoring birds of prey, including raven in this area for 30 years, have raised funds to initiate a legal challenge against SNH’s decision to authorise the killing of ravens on the basis of ‘just to see what happens’, without any scientific rationale whatsoev

Hunter by daylight!

A rustle, squeak, twitch of the grass; an owl, alert on a stump nearby, tenses and raises its head. It bobs and sways from side to side, confidently pinpointing the all important signs of its next meal. A sudden, silent pounce and another vole has gone. Short-tailed voles are the main food of the short-eared owl almost everywhere in Britain and although the owl takes them by watching from a low perch and then pouncing, it is much more familiar when hunting in the daytime, in a low, wavering flight over open ground. As a winter visitor, the short-eared owl may turn up almost anywhere. But, in order to breed, it needs large areas of open ground, free from human disturbance, with a rich supply

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