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Happy New Year!

Gosh, where have the past 12 months gone? It only seems like yesterday that we launched NatureFramed and now a year has passed-by. To all our subscribers, wherever you are, here's hoping 2019 proves healthy, rewarding and eventful.

King of the Fish

This Christmas some of you may have the good fortune, and delight, to sit down and enjoy salmon as part of your festive celebrations, but how many know of the salmon’s remarkable story? Herewith, some facts as a conversation starter around the dinning table. Atlantic salmon are incredible fish that migrate thousands of miles during their lifetime. Their life cycle is among the most unique life cycles in the natural world. The Atlantic salmon is anadromous, meaning it spends its adolescence years in freshwater before migrating to sea to reach maturity. Long ago the salmon evolved to take advantage of the abundance of food at sea, while retaining the ability to survive in freshwater rivers and

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