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Remember Eric's Song

Tonight, don’t forget the clocks go forward; perhaps not fast enough to see a world free of coronavirus just yet, but hopefully soon. This is an unprecedented time in our history. The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted on all our lives; the health and well-being of our loved ones, our workplace and even undermined the global economy. The way we live our daily lives, trying to navigate through these unique and evolving circumstances is an immense challenge. In the wake of the pandemic, the way we work and do business may change for the better; more practices of working from home, less emissions from the ‘internal‘ combustion engine, increased awareness of our communities, more self-sufficiency an

Beauty Born Of Ash

It doesn’t take long to appreciate that Iceland’s creation is not yet complete. A few miles from the International Airport at Keflavik, the earth boils and gurgles in a cauldron of thick grey-ooze. The landscape, a palette of pastel hues, where great plumes of steam rise from earth’s unstable crust and the air saturated with the pungent odour of rotten-eggs. Raw energy of such immense magnitude to cause the ground to tremble beneath your feet. All evidence, if any was needed, that not far below more wonderous beauty is waiting to be unleashed; new mountains, lava fields, ash deserts and perhaps a new island to be formed. In geological terms Iceland is quite young, the earliest rocks less t

Hare today gone tomorrow?

The harsh unforgiving winter landscape of the Cairngorms is home to one of our most exquisite, yet heavily persecuted, mammals the mountain hare. Mountain hares are well adapted to their cold, snowy environments. Their winter coat includes heavily furred hind-paws which act like snowshoes, spreading their weight over a larger surface area to stop them from sinking too far into the snow. They moult twice a year, changing pelage (coat) colour to blend into the environment around them. Mountain hares are indigenous to Britain, unlike the other lagomorphs, the rabbit and the brown hare, which were introduced by man. Although elsewhere in its broad circumpolar distribution, the mountain hare main

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