Printing and framing your piece of artwork need not be a daunting task. At NatureFramed we have simplified the process by having just 3 PDF downloads, A3+, A3 and Bespoke, to cover a range of image sizes. By using 'A' sizes which conform to the international standards that are common throughout the world, apart from the USA, Canada and parts of Mexico, allows you to print any 'A size' image or choose a personal bespoke size.  Should you live in one of these regions outwith, please choose the relevant size in inches.  For image sizes of A3 or less select A3 download, for larger image sizes up to A0 choose A3+ download from the Collection List. For alternative bespoke sizes images simply contact us to discuss your requirements. 

Once you have decided on a print size, choosing a frame from the many readily available (A6 - A3) could not be easier.  We cannot stress enough, choosing the correct print size is very important since the resolution quality will be seriously compromised should you select an A3 size PDF for example then attempt to print this at a larger scale.

Now, before visiting the printer you will need some idea of which type of paper and what method of printing will best suit your needs. To help with this you may wish to consider the following.

Print Quality - Basically there are two methods of printing, you can either elect for 'Digital" or 'Off-set Litho' for reproduction. The former is, perhaps your best option for print size A3 and below in terms of good quality at affordable prices and for speed. Alternatively, for prints sizes upwards of A3 you may want to consider using the more expensive option of 'Off-set Litho' for a really high quality print, but at a price.

Type of Paper - We would recommend an Acid-free, Lignin-Free, Archival Quality Matte or Silver-Gloss Natural paper of 300gsm for A3 prints or less. For A3+ prints you may wish to consider at least 180gsm, this would allow the print to be rolled for ease of transportation between the printer and its final destination.

NB - On a note of caution, should you choose a size larger than A3, unroll your print and place beneath the mount or mask and fix to each corner with a suitable adhesive, DO NOT BE TEMPTED to reverse roll your print to make it flat!