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Wonderful Iceland....

September saw us back in our spiritual homeland. Although this was a principally a social visit to see our friends, we did have an opportunity to look at potential land acquisition. The 250ha farm was located on the south coast and the land would ideally lend itself to being rewetted for conservation management: hmmm that’s an exciting thought! Watch this space for any future developments.

Although the weather was mixed; we had some sunny days that permitted trips out into the countryside and an opportunity to photograph some awesome waterfalls. The beauty of nature was further enhanced by spectacular displays in the night skies. After the sun had slipped over the horizon the stage was set for the appearance of nature’s most spectacular phenomena and it didn’t disappoint. Sweeping across the dark skies in a breath-taking display, the enigmatic northern lights, also known as the Aurora Borealis, put on a spectacular display. The sky was filled with colourful dancing lights, twisting and shimmering and we only had to step outside the hotel door, or simply drawback the bedroom curtains for some!

The appearance of the northern lights is something that has to be experienced in person at least once in a lifetime to grasp the majesty and beauty that artists and photographers try to capture yet never do justice.

The images you see of the aurora are purely moments frozen in time of an event that can be very different seconds later. To be present when the sky erupts with active colour and light was an amazing experience to share with strangers from around the world. Our senses and emotions ran out of control at the sheer beauty of what unfolded, reaching deep inside and touching the soul.

The northern lights are a natural phenomenon that don’t appear on demand, so you can never be guaranteed to see them. However, for those blessed with an encounter, to experience the northern lights is to experience an otherworldly apparition, a super-natural phenomenon that will stay with you for a life-time.

Unfortunately the images will not appear in our portfolio until the 3rd October due to unforeseen technical problems, our apologies to all of you waiting to purchase an image.

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